Industry Services
We know the Bar Business.

We are a network of accomplished mixologists, experienced bar and restaurant operators, innovative brand builders, diverse business consultants and entertaining beverage educators from some of the best and brightest cocktailian hubs in the world. Our programs are driven by the rich history of cocktail culture and epicurean obsession that are driving the current Cocktail Renaissance.

For the Beverage Industry professional, Cocktail Ambassadors offers:

  • Education and training for bars and restaurants, hotel chains and distributor salespeople
  • Brand marketing services for beverage producers
  • Opinion, insight and recipes for journalists
  • Public and private demonstrations and seminars
  • Bartending Skills Training for the industry professionals and consumers
• Tools and how to use them, clean them and store them
• Garnishes & Glassware
• Techniques like stirring, shaking, building,layering and rolling
• Free pouring vs. measuring
• Ice and how to use it
• Essentials of Mixology (basic, intermediate and advanced)
• Cocktails: Basic, Classic, Vintage and/or Innovative
  • Spirits and Distillation
  • Beer and Brewing
  • Wine and Oenology
  • How to Taste and Discuss Beer, Wine and Spirits
  • Cocktail History, Culture and Creation
  • Menu development
  • Bar Operations (staffing, inventory, supplier management, etc)
  • Beverage Marketing Programs
  • Bar Design (style, efficiency, productivity, etc.)

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